Footwear is an important asset, no matter the kind of sports activity you are involved in. In addition to that, it has been observed that the wrong pair of shoes can pull you back and can also cause major damage. Every sport has a specific kind of shoes that are needed to be worn by an athlete. Similarly, horse riding also requires a certain type of boots to protect you and ensure a comfortable ride should you choose to go for horse riding. If you are a beginner or simply someone interested in this sports activity then you have to learn the right kind of boots that will be the best for you. So, how can you find the best boots for horse riding?

Why is it important to wear a perfect pair of boots?

What Kind Of Boots Should I Wear For Horse Riding?

Choosing the right kind of boot is important as in the case of horse riding good boots or shoes help protect your feet if stepped on, and help prevent your feet from sliding through the stirrup, that is, if you fall off the horse while riding. High-heels, sandals, flip-flops, crocs, garden shoes, canvas running shoes, etc. are not going to come in handy if you are thinking of horse riding. Though rubber boots have added advantage in case, it is raining, but that is not beneficial enough for horseback riding. As such, wearing the perfect pair of shoes is deemed highly necessary.

How are regular boots different from riding boots?

The answer to that remains in the making of the boots. A regular boot is not leather-based and has a thicker sole. On the other hand, a riding boot is mostly leather-based and has a thinner sole with a slight inch of the heel. Having at least one or one and a half-inch of heel prevents you from slipping through the stirrups. Boots with a heel are not suitable to walk through padded regions and mudded area, but the regular boots are suitable to wear around a yard. This difference between a regular boot and a riding boot acts as a core reason as to why one must never wear regular boots for riding as it is uncomfortable and dangerous, for you can easily slip through the stirrup. Thus, riding boots can be considered as the best boots for horse riding.

What kind of boots is suitable for riding?

What Kind Of Boots Should I Wear For Horse Riding?

Riding boots come in wide range and quality. Above all that, the price range and the artistry keep changing. Therefore, what kind of boots can be bought and worn? We are here to answer that question for you.

The first category belongs to English riding boots. These boots are traditionally made out of leather but they can also be made out of other materials such as PVC and rubber. Under this category lie:

Traditional long riding boots

– these boots have been a standard for the English riding boots. They are famous for the ample amount of protection they provide from being stepped on. These boots are harsh leather boots and can also cause great discomfort if not worn perfectly to the rider.

Dress boots

– these are the kind of boots that one must have seen in period movies and series. These boots tend to be extremely rigid and less flexible which may sound bad but is good considering it provides extra stability.

Field boots

– these are boots that belong to the category of long riding boots. The difference between these and the dress boots is that while the dress boots are smooth on the top these boots have laces on the top. These boots are also slightly flexible in comparison to the dress boots and that is why people enjoy wearing these more.

Short riding boots

What Kind Of Boots Should I Wear For Horse Riding?

– people often prefer short riding boots over long riding boots as they are cheaper, are more flexible, comfortable in the warmer months of the year, and are easily worn on and off. Children and beginners use these boots before they jump to traditional boots.

Jodhpur boots

– short ankle boots that have a strap or elastic side, which makes it easier to be worn on and off. These boots have wooden soles made out of fine leather.

Paddock boots

– these boots have rubber soles and are made out of more durable materials and not leather, thus making it easier to be worn all day. For someone on a tight budget, these boots are the best choice.

The next category belongs to western riding boots. These boots are most famous for their great design, distinctive look, and durability; are made of cow head leather which is the reason for their extreme durability; look a lot similar to those of cowboy boots but there are significant differences. These boots include:

Traditional cowboy boots

– these are boots that have an inch and a half heel which makes them extremely comfortable for walking and also ensures that you do not slip. These boots come up to mid-calf at most. If you are someone who wants to enjoy horseback riding for pleasure and need the boots for other activities outside the horseback then these boots are for you.

Tall cowboy riding boots

– these boots with two inches of heels are specifically made for horseback riding. They have a smooth hold and sturdy look making them extremely safe for horseback riding. The front of these boots’ curves in the middle in an angular form making it easier to be worn when in a hurry.

Short cowboy riding boots

– these have a heel that can vary from one and a half inches to two inches. They are ankle-length boots. These are more suitable if you are riding in heat as they make it less hot and sweaty and also give that cowboy look.

Horse riding is the most fun sports activity and if you want to enjoy it with utmost safety then choose your boots with the careful measure. You can choose alternate boot options such as riding sneakers, muck boots, and hiking boots but if you want the perfect look and the best experience then choose your best boots for horse riding now!