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What Do Leopard Geckos like in Their Tank?

Leopard Gecko is a kind of reptile that usually loves to have different things in their tanks where they have to live and survive. The pet owners need to provide a pleasant and safe likelihood to their pet, and everything is dependent upon the owner’s decision. A friendly environment can make your pet feel safe… Read More »

What Kind Of Boots Should I Wear For Horse Riding?

Footwear is an important asset, no matter the kind of sports activity you are involved in. In addition to that, it has been observed that the wrong pair of shoes can pull you back and can also cause major damage. Every sport has a specific kind of shoes that are needed to be worn by… Read More »

Welcome to Borealis Boarding Stables

BBS is a friendly fun enviroment for all ages and riding abilities. By offering multiple different ways to join the fun here on the farm there is something for everyone. From learning basic horsemanship, to advanced training for your next big show, we offer a wide array of equestrian and animal experiences. All animals are… Read More »